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The best £500 I’ve spent on a lawyer’- David Goddard, HR Manager, ARH Ltd.

Managing Change after Lockdown

Implementing change /resisting legal challenges.

3 hours – Teams Online Training- cost £650 plus vat including detailed notes

Maximum 10 delegates


"…Gordon gave us key information on how to make necessary changes and numerous ‘quick wins’ we could put in place immediately and for little to no cost or effort..."-  Jim Riddiford, Director of Operations Voice 21


This course is aimed at Human Resources and Managers....who will be making tough decisions and changes after Lockdown: how, when and where we work, urgent efficiencies required to recoup losses etc... These will affect all workplaces and Employees’ expectations will also need managing as Furlough ends. Some employees may be reluctant to upset patterns during the pandemic or old habits...

Most employees will co-operate, but change often forces the hand of difficult employees who spot the chance for legal challenges and pay offs.  

This Teams Online training will set out the legal structures supporting change and address the most common counter claims and traps.

Delegates will be able to discretely discuss ongoing, live problems and I will also provide examples from my own experience. 


Course outline  

  • Basic legal principles: discrimination, whistleblowing, discipline and dismissals
  • Where to look for the right legal tools- ACAS Codes, Implied  contractual terms (fidelity, management instructions, trust and confidence etc).
  • Setting new standards/breaking old habits 
  • Protecting strategic interests- preventing poaching staff, clients & information 
  • Changes to contracts of employment
  • Difficult challenges during change-common traps
  • Settlement agreements – tying up loose ends

To book:

Contact Gordon Turner 

(the session is also available 'In house' at £1000 plus vat) 

Managing Change after Lockdown

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