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Always look on the bright side…of life!

A creative approach to conflict - tips on negotiating within a protected conversation.

Dealing with complex Employment Tribunal Claims

Employers have enough on their plate with Omicron so if you’re on the receiving end of a potential Tribunal...

Flexible working requests on the increase post Lockdown

Perhaps unsurprisingly as Furlough has come to an end, employees are asking for managers to consider allowing different ways of working.

Grumble or grievance?

One of things which makes life for managers is the historic, hidden grievance. It’s probably tucked away in a long email and forgotten about…by you that is… 

Reported Cases

Over the years I have been involved in some cases of broader/public interest. You can read about them...

Defending legal claims at work

The last thing an employer needs at time like this is an employee dispute: legal costs disruption and strategic risk (diverting information/contacts away etc.) not to mention compensation awards.

Settlement Agreements- What’s it worth?

With Furlough coming to end soon employers may think of downsizing their workforce in the short-term so I’ve prepared this note to help with the discussion process.

Negotiating a Settlement Agreement in 2021

Relations between an employer and an employee can sometimes be fragile and often it’s really better to cut to the chase and talk about an amicable way forward.

Redundancy in Lockdown

If you’ve been offered a Settlement Agreement due to the current economic uncertainty, you are certainly...

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