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Well over 90% of my cases settle but I’ve set out a short summary of cases which went to Tribunal in 2020/21 to give you an idea of my approach.

Some of my cases have been reported in the media- Google ‘Gordon Turner Solicitor’ if you want to read about them.

A favourite older case of mine - Shah v Onyx - involved a difficult employee who brought 60 grievances. Instead of taking the bait and responding, I had a good look at his CV and found that he had lied allowing my client to rescind his entire contract due to basic principles (Misrepresentation/Contract Law)…this is a good example of choosing not to fall into an obvious (and expensive) trap.

R Elliott v Slough Children’s Services Trust – July 2021

Over the last 5 years I have represented SCST on no less 13 occasions and we have succeeded in 12 and in the other we reduced the claim from £100,000 to £10,000. RE was the last of them, I hope.

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SM v Lauren Richards Ltd.- February 2021

Here an employee brought very broad ranging allegations after she was dismissed. Because she didn’t have 2 years’ continuous employment, her case was brought as a disability related claim for which there is no qualifying period.

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AM v Zeal Ltd – May 2021

Another case (listed for 5 days) involving an employee with less than 1 year’s employment….

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I S v Argyll Ltd – November 21

In this case an employee alleged that her dismissal as a bookkeeper was discriminatory and connected with her pregnancy because my client outsourced his bookkeeping function after he found a substantial gap (over £400,000!) in VAT receipts on her handover

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