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Being in a dispute with your employer is stressful. It's not just the loss of income...risk to your home life and professional reputation is inevitably worrying. 

Gordon Turner has 30 years' experience of advising senior employees on all kinds of cases: unfair dismissal, discrimination...whistleblowing. Wherever possible, we'll look for the smartest solution taking into account your real needs: financial, avoiding legal costs and stress and your career. 

But where litigation is necessary, we have a formidable record against major institutions. 

We tend to act for employees with higher-value cases (£40,000 plus or where there is an important strategic issue such as challenging a misconduct allegation).

We work with our clients; sharing  preparation manages legal costs but also ensures they understand the case. The sooner we can pin down a clear case, the better chance there is of a an agreed outcome without a hearing. 

It's always best to take advice soon rather than later and we have a system to help you prepare key parts of the case at the outset. We can help you if: 

  • You've been unfairly dismissed. 
  • You’ve are being 'managed out';
  • You’ve been the subject of discriminatory treatment on the grounds of your race, sex, age, religious or philosophical belief, disability or gender reassignment;
  • You’ve been victimised for exercising a statutory right (Working Time/Flexible working etc);
  • You need to raise a grievance;
  • You wish to make a 'protected disclosure' about this (‘whistleblowing’);
  • You wish to request flexible working arrangements, for example on returning to work after maternity or paternity leave;
  • Your employer wishes to enter into a settlement agreement with you to end your employment.

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Gordon was a great help! Very speedy response and excellent service provided.

Gordon Turner is a very experienced employment lawyer, working mainly on resolving employment law matters worth over £10,000+. If your claim is likely to be worth less that £10,000 or if you need legal aid, please consider other employment lawyers via the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor service.

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