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People can find the legal process frustrating: why does it take so much time and cost so much?

We offer our clients the chance to prepare the information and documents before we meet. This keeps costs down but it’s just as important to be ahead on the facts. In 2014, we only lost one case; all the others went the way our clients wanted. That’s probably largely because we had all the evidence at the beginning.

We hope you find our checklists helpful. They also contain some basic guidance so that we can all know what we are talking about. These checklists have been compiled with the help of leading barristers:

Jason Galbraith-Marten QC – ‘Employment Lawyer of the Year' – Banking

Jeffrey Jupp- a very thorough and effective advocate.

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Latest Download Material

It can be helpful to know what Tribunal Awards are, if you are an employee contemplating a claim or an employer negotiating a Settlement Agreement, it can be helpful to know what kind of awards are awarded for the different types of case.

Each year the Tribunal Service provides these. Here they are:

Compensation Awarded by Tribunals


Free Settlement Agreements Guide

If your employer has given you a Settlement Agreement, this note will explain the basics and help you in informal discussions (these are now called ‘protected conversations’). If you read this before you seek advice your independent solicitor, you will be able to use the time more efficiently. You can also view our Settlement Agreement FAQs


Whistleblower Protection under PIDA

If you are a worker and feel that you have been subjected to detrimental treatment or dismissed because you have 'blown the whistle' you may have a claim.


Employee Questionnaire

This questionnaire will form the basis of your case. To represent you effectively we need as much relevant information as possible from the start.


Bankers & FCA - regulated workers - Specialist Support

If you work in the City and are subject to disciplinary type proceedings or have been dismissed, special considerations apply: how will stocks, options and deferred bonuses be affected & how will this impact on your ‘approved person’ status?

Experience of working in this area, shows how important it is to gather all the information quickly. Together with Jason Galbraith-Marten QC – ‘Employment Lawyer of the year 2014’ we have devised a checklist so that you can start work on the preparation before we meet. It will help manage legal costs and improve your chances of a prompt outcome.

We offer out of hours appointments for urgent cases.



Protection of Employers Interests

If you are an employer and are concerned about breaches of contract by your staff you will need to consider and possibly take urgent court action. This note sets out some of the main issues and steps.


Employer Questionnaire Contracts

This document is to assist us in tailoring each contract to your individual need. Detailed, prompt and accurate instructions from you are fundamentally important.


IT Checklist



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