“…Gordon has an uncanny ability to cut through the complexities and identify the killer point. His judgement is invariably spot on”- Jason Galbraith-Marten QC

We are a firm of employment law solicitors offering specialist advice to employees on Settlement Agreements and assistance to employers: from drafting contracts and handbooks & legal training, ad hoc advice on grievances, disciplinaries etc, strategic planning to Employment Tribunals.

Most of our cases settle but if there is a case to defend we have an established reputation: last year we had a 100% success rate with many cases defeated at the preliminary stages.

We have specialist experience in defeating bogus and exaggerated claims. Some of these are reported in the media. It's very important to get to the nub of these in terms of the key issues and how the law applies and how best to handle an opponent's personality. 

Whatever the issue, we'll do everything we can to move things on quickly and with minimal cost. Ideally, you'll contact us early on so we can aim for a negotiated outcome. This approach tends to also work with more complex challenges- being fair is normally an Employer's best line of defence.

Training is normally via Teams but can be at your workplace. Our most popular programmes at present are Employment Law for Line Managers,  Managing Change and Reasonable Steps Defence- Avoiding Discrimination in the workplace. We also provide bespoke training.

You can read more on our training page.

You may also wish to read what our clients think about us  testimonials page

For a no committment chat, please give some detail via our contact form or call 0207 247 7190 

“…Without your emotional committment we would never have achieved such an amazing result"- Dag Kramer, CEO, Onyx Ltd

"...Gordon's unique insight and empathy achieved a great outcome to defeat the many claims brought more in hope than expectation"- Paul Chenery, Executive Director, Zeal Capital Market UK Ltd

Gordon was a great help! Very speedy response and excellent service provided.

Gordon Turner is a very experienced employment lawyer, working mainly on resolving employment law matters worth over £10,000+. If your claim is likely to be worth less that £10,000 or if you need legal aid, please consider other employment lawyers via the Law Society’s Find a Solicitor service.

Latest Knowledge

Defending legal claims at work

The last thing an employer needs at time like this is an employee dispute: legal costs disruption and strategic risk (diverting information/contacts away etc.) not to mention compensation awards. There’s no upside.

Settlement Agreements- What’s it worth?

With Furlough coming to end soon employers may think of downsizing their workforce in the short-term so I’ve prepared this note to help with the discussion process.

Settlement Agreements are legally binding contracts allowing employers and employees to part company safely. They offer certainty, tax efficiency and very importantly closure but the sticking point is often - what’s it worth?

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